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ID’s threat to science: “Dark Ages II begins to fall” on top of us?

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Some friends were competing to come up with the most over-the-top anti-intelligent design quotes and …

The rules are, no making it up, it has to be real, and no crudities/obscenities (which ruled out about half the material available). UD News’ favourite was,

“The current Intelligent Design movement poses a threat to all of science and perhaps to secular democracy itself. . Replacing sound science and engineering with pseudo-science, polemics, blind faith, and wishful thinking won’t save you when the curtain of ‘Dark Ages II’ begins to fall!” (Marshall Berman, “Intelligent Design: The New Creationism Threatens All of Science and Society,” American Physical Society News (October 2005)

Suddenly, everything went dark! For a brief moment there, we wondered if the new Dark Ages was beginning to fall, but when we checked, we found that the neighbour had turned out her porch light early. We went back to writing about ID stuff. Way more stuff than staff.

Don't panic! Don't panic! Cpl Jones of this parish. Axel

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