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Is it even possible to spoof Doonesbury on Darwin vs. design?


Here’s a “Doonesbury” strip on science education, Darwin style, and here’s an attempt at a spoof, “Intelligently Redesigned Doonesbury #6”

Not sure it quite works. The problem is, as the spoof site owner points out, Doonesbury is not, at this point in its development, particularly funny. In fairness, it isn’t trying to be. Its appeal to its fans lies in the reassurance provided by constant iteration of their interpretation of events. The linked spoof attempt picks up the leaden tone and gives it a twist in another direction, without successfully spoofing it..

Heaven knows, there is much to spoof in late-stage Darwinism, and the Daily Mash gives some idea how the enterprising comic could go about it.

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The doonesbury one isn't funny and silly in demanding the audience submitt to the exclusive weight of evidence for evolution. Well then what do they fear from other options that are rooted in Christianity? In short they are insisting the bible is not true and indeed when banning creationism the state is saying this since its purpose is the truth. The ID caroon is actually quite good. As a evangelical CANADIAN dude , a real one no hyphen you know what I mean, I'm sure the ID one would get the bigger laugh and a nod of thoughtful agreement. The author of the ID cartton spoof should consider doing more and i'm very critical of these things and don't like much. Robert Byers
Dilbert Believes in Evolusionism! - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmiqXClTpao bornagain77
I like B.A. Miller bevets
Actually, I thought Doonesbury was funny. =) "high school students in the state of Louisiana" would be better served if their 'evangelical' autonomous Christian pastors would study a bit of science, drop their fear tactics, and acquaint themselves with some 'science and religion' dialogue over the past 30+ years. The spoof in response is really quite pathetically low-brow; sadly Canadian. The Roman Catholic Church that Denyse O'Leary calls 'home' accepts that 'young earth' talk is bunk. Say that again, please, Denyse. Why should the original cartoon not be funny, in that it makes fun of USAmerican 'biblical literalist' young earthers. I see little reason a Torontonian couldn't comfortably laugh at this! It entirely amazes me how Denyse tries to poke fun at BioLogos (with an emotivistic metaphor: 'Christian Darwinists') when ignorant 'young earthers' are continually staring her and Rome right in the face. Just because some YECs support ID, is this enough for Denyse to side on behalf of ID with YEC against Old Earth teachings of the Vatican? That just wouldn't make sense. Gregory

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