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Jerry Coyne is learning fast, but fast enough?


One of our scouts has been following the way retired professor of Darwinian biology Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is trying to confront the SJWs in science, where others are capitulating. The recent question has been whether sex is a real category in biology. (We explain here.)

Anyway, Coyne decided to look more closely into the world of the marching Woke and he discovered that most seem to be cool with anti-Semitism, though some are not:

I’ve published a fair number of pieces (see here) criticizing the leadership of the Women’s March (WM), including Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, and Carmen Perez—three of the four co-chairs—for cozying up to Louis Farrakhan, a bigot, a misogynist, a racist, and a homophobe. There have even been accusations, whose truth isn’t yet known, that the WM used Farrakhan’s security, the “Fruit of Islam” as their own security, which would be an unacceptable financial tie that would in part explain the attraction of Mallory et al. to the loony Farrakhan and his obscene views.

But lately there have been an increasing number of dissenters among women, some of whom were big guns in the original Women’s Marches. Jerry Coyne, “Tablet investigates the Women’s March” at Why Evolution Is True

Many of us knew all this. It’s not an idle matter for Jerry, who happens to be Jewish. But we can’t help wondering, do most people in science really not know very much about the Woke, moving in on them? What time do they think it is?

Jerry has also discovered that the Woke are strangling comedy:

Now, to avoid a comedian offending anyone, a college—the University of London (UL)—has asked a Russian-British (and Jewish) comedian to sign a “behavioral agreement form”, shown below, so he wouldn’t offend anyone.

Well, they didn’t threaten him with criminal charges yet, did they? That could be next.

Imagine the comedians who wouldn’t meet these standards, starting with Lenny Bruce and extending through Red Foxx, Chris Rock, George Carlin (remember how he mocked religion?), and Sarah Silverman, to mention just a few. Good comedy is about more than making us laugh, more than Bob Hope with his bland jokes and onstage golf club: it can break the boundaries of acceptable thought to make us think. Comedians like Lenny Bruce, Chris Rock, and Sarah Silverman are liberals, yet they’d be banned because their acts stimulate the brain. Jerry Coyne, “The death of college comedy: University of London tries to get comedians to sign “behavioural agreement” form stipulating that they won’t mock anything” at Why Evolution Is True

They’d “be banned because their acts stimulate the brain”? Right, but that’s a feature, not a bug, these days. It’s not as if the Woke believe that mind matters or anything. They’ve been told they are animals and what follows, follows.

Note: Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is the author of Why Evolution Is True.

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Is Darwinist Jerry Coyne starting to get it about SJW “science”? Ah, not a moment too soon.; Here is a perfect specimen of sp. SJW, Trollus inyerfaceus. We have certainly dealt with them. Coyne may find some in his own backyard.


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