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Michele Bachmann, ID-friendly US prez contender now defined as “feminist”

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In Washington Post, along with (also ID-friendly) Palin:

Religion historian Marie Griffith has been watching this shift, and recently wrote an essay titled “The New Evangelical Feminism of Bachmann and Palin.” She caught all kinds of heat from feminists on the left who say that neither Bachmann nor Palin, whom some have dubbed “the spiritual heads” of the tea party, can remotely be regarded as their conceptual colleagues.

While Griffith agrees that these women do not resemble traditional feminists in their political views, she believes that they have captured the hearts and minds of conservative Christian women in a historically significant way.

Only “conservative Christian” women? No other women admire women who appear to have it all (family, career, beauty)?

How will this frame will affect their careers?

Hat tip: Wintery Knight


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