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Origin of life in the lab prophesied in 1960


Front Cover By top Darwinist George Gaylord Simpson (1902–1984):

At a recent meeting in Chicago, a highly distinguished international panel of experts was polled. All considered the experimental production of life in the laboratory imminent … – Simpson, G. G. (1960) The world into which Darwin led us. Science 131: 966–974

The ToC summary reads “The Darwinian revolution changed the most crucial element in man’s world his concept of himself.” Handy to reference this when someone claims that Darwinism in the schools or the churches is all just science and nothing but science… It was never just science and a big question now is, how much of the science even remains?

See also: Biochemists: RNA world has run its course. Huh? Rob Sheldon: Isn’t it amazing how many evolution “solutions” illuminate a problem that was never mentioned previously? The article dishes on RNA-world only because the authors have another “ribosome-world” theory that solves the problem of functional information. You also notice how these “worlds” are getting ever more complicated?


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