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New atheist Darwinist demands that Chronicle of Higher Education promote “incivility” toward religion

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Jerry “No, Uncommon Descent did NOT invent him*” Coyne asks:

When is The Chronicle of Higher Education going to put the kibosh on the irrelevant and incoherent tirades of Gnu-Bashers [new atheist bashers – ed.] like Michael Ruse and Jacques Berlinerblau, whose continual attacks on atheists don’t do the journal any good? But in the meantime, one person still mans the Gnu Barricades: David Barash. Barash, a biologist at the University of Washington, has posted his latest on Tuesday, “The emperor’s new nakedness.” Taking his fellow Chronicle “bloggers” to task, he points out what’s really new in New Atheists: their popularity and their unwillingness to respect religious claims (on a related note, read Jason Rosenhouse’s epic new post on atheist “incivility”) …

Anyway, it is an argument that materialist atheists should just be rude.

Okay, so go ahead, new atheists: Be rude.

Some people are so unrude, they won’t even tell you it suits you.

* Can we quell this rumour for once and for all? Jerry Coyne exists by the will of God and it has nothing to do with the UD news desk. We are the people who fled to Canada for protection when we heard from Christian Darwinists that the intelligent design theorists are an “evil and adulterous generation.” We chose that destination because there we don’t need to prove we are Convention refugees …

For Coyne’s interest in the Catholic Church, see here, and what chance he wants to be received as an adult? Otherwise, why the big interest in specific teachings?

"popularity"? I know about 4 people who have even heard of these guys. . .and I told two of them. As a member of the independent music community I can tell them what the proper term is: Niche Market. the rest of the world is utterly indifferent to their dancing in the mirror antics. MedsRex

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