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New book: Making “Nature”: The History of a Scientific Journal


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But how did Nature become such an essential institution? In Making “Nature,” Melinda Baldwin charts the rich history of this extraordinary publication from its foundation in 1869 to current debates about online publishing and open access. This pioneering study not only tells Nature’s story but also sheds light on much larger questions about the history of science publishing, changes in scientific communication, and shifting notions of “scientific community.” Nature, as Baldwin demonstrates, helped define what science is and what it means to be a scientist.

“Changes in scientific communication” now include staying friends with the entire Twittersphere.

See: Scientific American may be owned by Nature but it is now run by Twitter

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SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY!! No such thing. Its a prestige they seek but fail to prove. Its jusy people thinking about things and coming up with wrong or right answers and then others agreeing whether right or wrong. The scientific community is invoked to settle that evolution and friends are settled facts. yet it could only be that the only ones to settle things MUST be those who uniquely study them. otherwise why is a scientist anymore higher then any kid scoring well on a pop quiz. If science is about special and that specialized relative to a subject then it uniquely does not have a community in assessing any particular subject in science. Its not a intellectual community on any particular subject and uniquely. so saying the sci comm agrees with evolution is another absurdity in reasoning from the other side. Therefore its a small crowd ID/YEC takes on and need only regard if science degree-s are thrown at us. of coarse the subject being understood by anyone allows anyone the right to cross swords. Robert Byers

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