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Normalizing non-Darwinian evolution


Slowly making the public aware that a lot of those soapboxes are rotting.

Gregor Mendel, 1866/Alisa Machalek, NIH

A bit at a time. From ScienceDaily, US National Institutes of Health wants us all to know this:

Four ways inheritance is more complex than Mendel knew

Today, we know that inheritance is far more complex than what Mendel saw in his pea plants. Our scientists who track progress in genetics research funded by NIH’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences share some of the things researchers have learned about how traits are passed from one generation to the next. More.

Listed are:

1. Some of our genes come only from Mom.

2. The environment may have the potential to trigger molecular changes that pass from generation to generation.

3. One trait can be controlled by hundreds of genes.

4. Genes can tag along for generations.

Also, people, do dispose of the rotting soapboxes safely. (Eugenics boxes to be flagged as hazardous waste.)

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I'm not sure your 4 points are that big a change. Genes can tag along for generations: this is simply what "recessive" means. Even peas are carrying traits that might become apparent in future generations. Some of our genes come only from Mom: As I understand it, male baldness comes from moms, and this has been known for a VERY long time. mahuna

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