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Off topic: Jerry Coyne gets something right

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He likes Ayaan Hirsi Ali

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Yeah, yeah, that guy, still selling Darwin’s used cars [!]. But never mind, get this—he likes Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Below is Hirsi Ali’s interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News. Kelly did a far better job than Jon Stewart, who tried to argue that Islam is no worse than any other faith, and that even without Islam and other religions, people would still be doing exactly the same amount of bad stuff. It’s a shame that it’s mainly the right-wing interviewers who give Hirsi Ali (and criticism of Islam) a fair shake, for I intensely dislike being in bed with conservatives. (Unlike Stewart, Kelly at least lets Hirsi Ali put forth her ideas.) The contrast this between this and Stewart’s interview is a disturbing sign of how badly the Left has been hijacked by its penchant for political correctness and its fear of offending the supposed underdog.

Let’s get real here, okay: Hirsi Ali is a real person. She was fighting for her life. And she won!

From O’Leary for News: I know the feeling. It feels good. For once, one can sleep without fear.

That said: I would advise her against commenting on religion in North America without adequate background. For the vast majority here, it has not been a source of oppression. For many, it has been an escape from oppression.

So talking like it is a source of oppression just amounts to not talking to most people. It is one of those things she could buy but not sell here.

If a person wants to shout into the polar vortex, that’s okay. But don’t expect the vortex to shout back.

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Jon Stewart should not be on the air or in america. Entertainers, especially him, are not the good guys or have anything good to contribute to thinking America. anyways this anti Islam stuff is wrong. Evil is a choice of human will . Does Islam teach evil to be done? if so then Muslims are failing their religion because, relative to numbers, they do little or no different amounts of evil relative to most of the world. Evil is from satans provoking human will. Islam never was accused of evilness until the last decades. In fact its mostly been from the provocation of a Jewish country set up on thier land and in their neighbourhood as they see it. Then dealing with western support of israel ans general western inroads in their society. if islam made one evil then it would be more dished out amongst many people groups who are Muslim. largely the evil comes from Arabs and a few more. Very few at that. I still say there was more evil and terror , pound for pound, from Germans, Italians, Japanese, north Koreans, and Chinese , and north Vietnamese in the last three wars. Islamic murder/terror is chump change. Of coarse I will keep my head down. Even in Toronto. Maybe more. who's scoring. Robert Byers
here's the interview: Megyn Kelly Ayaan Hirsi Ali On Paris, Islam & Violence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYuDuCLj94c bornagain77
Of related interest: I read this book a few months ago,,, Face to Face with Jesus: A Former Muslim's Extraordinary Journey to Heaven and Encounter with the God of Love http://www.amazon.com/Face-Jesus-Muslims-Extraordinary-Encounter/dp/0800795792/ ,,, The book is about a little girl, who grew up in a strict Muslim family in a Muslim country. A country which was being torn by a civil war and thus by food shortages. As a little girl, she prayed fervently and faithfully as a devout Muslim would pray. Being constantly hungry, she prayed for food to eat along with praying for peace. She realized that the god of the Muslims was not answering her simple prayers for food to eat (nor peace). When in desperation she turned to the 'infidel' Christian God, whom she called 'The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob', and her simple prayer for food to eat was answered, in a fairly 'abundant' way, she, the youngest member of her large and strict Muslim family, realized that Christianity was true and turned to Christianity. Although she experienced fierce persecution, and beatings, for following Christ, (mostly from her own family at first), the faith that this small girl displayed, and the miracles that happened through that faith, eventually won her entire family over one by one as a 'small' miracle happened in each of her family members life.,,, Her story also includes her Near Death Experience when terrorists set several bombs off in her church. The Near Death Experience made her even more determined to share the love of Christ with even the most radical of Muslims. Her story is truly an extraordinary testimony of faith and courage in the face of bitter and irrational hostility. I recommend the book highly. bornagain77
"even without Islam and other religions, people would still be doing exactly the same amount of bad stuff." Hmmm, if this is true, then philosophy has absolutely nothing to do with morality. We live in nations that condone the murder of unborn children by their mothers. Is it true that if we did not condone this, there would be exactly the same number of abortions? Balderdash. In my opinion the genocide that is abortion outweighs all of the rest of the evils in our society put together. bFast
"even without Islam and other religions, people would still be doing exactly the same amount of bad stuff. " I think there is a kernel of truth to this. People will pervert whatever ideology is handy to control others. Religion gets blamed for a lot of problems but more people died under atheistic regimes. Many religious conflicts are really ethnic conflicts underneath. Jesus taught nonviolence, but somehow his teachings are supposed to be at fault when Christians ignore them and fight. Jim Smith

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