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Once a guy drinks the Darwin kool-aid, he thinks everything is about Darwin.

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Like this guy, in “one long paean”:

As noted, most societies regulate workplace safety. Most also have programs either to stimulate additional savings or to transfer additional income to retirees. These programs help compensate for the pressure many parents feel to divert their savings into mutually offsetting bidding wars for houses in better school districts. Many countries have programs that attempt to equalize expenditures on schooling across different geographic areas that serve a similar purpose. Most countries make some attempt to limit the workweek, and many set minimum requirements for worker vacation allowances, both of which attenuate positional arms races for higher relative income.

These regulations to deal with collective action problems are squarely consistent with the Darwinian view that life is graded on the curve. – Robert Frank, “Charles Darwin, Economist,” The American Interest September 28, 2011

After a while, you begin to feel numb, so you forget that the real Darwin worried about vaccination because it interfered with survival of the fittest, and merely regretted the fact that the cowboys would wipe out the Indians ….

By the way, that’s another Darwin insight that Never Happened.


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