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Real information about autism vs. “evolutionary” just-so stories

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After this recent claim that autism was somehow adaptive in the prehistoric era,  many are reading with interest this:

Two other studies published in the June 9 issue of Neuron report on the same families studied by State, Sanders and their co-authors. One of these, by a group at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, paints a very similar picture — that autism is a highly genetically diverse disorder and that sporadic changes in the structure of the genome present only in the affected individuals and not in other families often play a key role.The other study, by researchers at Columbia University, suggests that although hundreds of genes may be involved in autism, they appear to disrupt a common molecular network involved in the mobility of brain cells and development of synapses between them.

See also: science vs. “science”, a.k.a. hard information vs. “approved types of speculation”

Again autism is probably just a minor reaction from the general spectrum of memory interference. Retardation is the most severe. I don't see genes going wrong unless they are affecting memory. however pregnant women falling etc can then have children who are retarded. no genes involved. Over focusing and under focusing still is a memory demanding matter. No reason to go into the ancient past of man. certainly there was no past before Adam. Robert Byers

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