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Response to repeated trollish threadjacking

arroba Email

I headline as a notice, to deal with trollish misconduct:

>>I warned about hijacking threads of discussion, took time to give pointers of correction and even link where there are discussions of this sort of sophomoric parody, e.g. http://www.truefreethinker.com…..l-part-2-4 (as in: this sort of foolishness has long since been corrected, that which is made of parts is essentially composite thus contingent and cannot be a necessary being [a major feature of the idea of God in relevant Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, both significant academic disciplines that the mocking objectors were pointed to but willfully ignored showing malicious threadjacking intent and incorrigibility in the face of an important issue on the table], and to try to redefine components as also not components on silly excuses of comparison to the necessary analogical use of language to address the abstract is not only to abuse language shamelessly but to inject outright contradictions thus explosion into real meaninglessness and necessary falsification of the FSM parody . . . but above those who should know better are only too willing to push the rhetoric of mockery at the cost of their own integrity). I stated that as the focal topic is of a certain importance, carry discussion elsewhere if that is wanted so desperately. To no avail, as I see after coming back hours later. It is clear that we are not dealing with the reasonable but trollish misconduct. Indeed including thinly veiled vulgarities for a thread explicitly about 12 year old children and abuse of the privilege of curriculum development and implementation — a mark of the grossest contempt and disrespect. Now, it is a longstanding education principle that the disruptive should not be allowed to derail those who are there for genuine learning. I will now terminate in-thread discussion until this series reaches a culminating point, also flagging the reason, insistent trollish misconduct. >>

Comment is a privilege, on good behaviour.