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Revenge of the cloned pets?

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We should be working. But we felt motivated to tell you, forget Jurassic Park.

Cloning ye olde shelter kitty may be more than the best cloners can manage. Here are some cases:

The first cloned pet (in 2002) was a cat (called CC, for “Copy Cat”) that did not look like its DNA donor.

Two years later, a woman paid $50,000 to clone her deceased Maine Coon cat. She claimed that her cloned kitten was identical in looks and personality to the DNA donor, but she never publicly identified herself and the only detail she released was that her cloned cat shared with its DNA donor an unusual liking for water — a characteristic of the entire Maine Coon breed.

The latest news is about a cloned dog. The woman who paid $50,000 to a South Korean company claims the clone is exactly like her deceased pet, but (as several blog commenters have noted) the two do not look the same.

UD News opinion only: If you want to memorialize your pet, give to: low-income spay/neuter/vaccination programs, programs to help low-income seniors keep their pets, therapeutic animal hospital programs, deaf/blind guide dogs … Sparky may never know the good he did, but you will.

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