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Rob Sheldon on the muted response to Nature’s suggested evolution rethink

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Further to: Officially printed responses to that Nature “rethink evolution” article, from Rob Sheldon, quoting: “Students today recognize that these processes can be both outcomes and causes of evolution” (from the part you actually have to pay to read):

There you have it. And you can eat it too. Everybody knows that, especially students. They can both teach us and be students! What a great world we live in.

Yes. Darwinism has so long been simply part of progressive pop culture that it no longer needs to make any sense. Its defenses are punditry or edicts, not evidence.

Our commenters often provide ample evidence.

The society it engenders is not concerned with the value of science for exploring new frontiers so much as for providing support for existing beliefs.

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Amen. They are beyond convinced. they dumbly oncve again don't question presumptions when always the winners in science discovery say QUESTION PRESUMPTIONS. so creationists will be the winners. Robert Byers

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