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Royal Society says quit talking paradigm change


Because they are in the midst of one.

From Suzan Mazur at Huffington Post:

[Following is the censorship email Kull refers to above — it was not written by Denis Noble:

“Could I request that you stop referring to the forthcoming RS-BA meeting (“New Trends in Evolutionary Biology: Biological, Philosophical and Social Science Perspectives”), and to the extended evolutionary synthesis, more generally, as in some way advocating a “paradigm shift”. Such language is both misleading (the vast majority of scientists working towards an extended synthesis do not seek revolutionary change in neo-Darwinism) and counterproductive (such talk undermines calm scientific discussion by creating an unnecessarily emotive and antagonistic atmosphere). More.

Aw, shoot it. The lid is blowing off. Note: Apparently, the message did not come from the Society officially but from one of the organizers. Lid blowing off anyway.

Hey, I just write the news around here, but all I ever say in these cases is, if nothing happened, why are all the Emergency Services here? Keep talking. Just keep talking. Distract yourself.

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More from Mazur, quoting Kalevi Kull:

If one has read all this and been able to understand why all these scholars had the views they had, it is hardly possible to describe this history as gradual improvement of a model, continuous extension of a synthesis. There have rather been different paradigms existing and developing in parallel. Most of the time just one of them was strongly dominant over the other. And since evolutionary theory has almost always been tied to some ideological battles, its changes were not limited by scientific discoveries.

See also: Mazur: Zoologists hog Royal Society stage Frightened crats will soon discover is that it is much easier to unstuff the genie than to restuff it.

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That email was certainly tactically inept. It should be quite obvious Mazur is puffing her next book. The email played right into her hands. It doesn't matter what they say or what comes out of the meeting it will still be a "paradigm shift" according to her. The best thing they could have done was ignore it. Seversky

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