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Slight gain for Darwinism from 1999 in Fox News poll

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In a recent Fox News poll,

45 percent of voters accept the Biblical account of creation as the explanation for the origin of human life on Earth, while 21 percent say the theory of evolution as outlined by Darwin and other scientists is correct. Another 27 percent say both explanations are true.

Belief in creationism, however, fails to explain Republican presidential primary preferences. Frontrunner Rick Perry is the top choice for GOP primary voters who believe in creationism as well as those who believe in evolution.

That’s probably because the upcoming US election will likely turn on beliefs about the economy rather than origins. There’s been an increase in the number of people who believe Darwin, from 1999 through 2011: From 15% to 21%. And a decrease in those who believe “the Biblical account” (down to 45 from 50%). Which is just enough to be statistically significant.

That said, the current enthusiasm of Republican prez hopefuls (the latest was Ron Paul) for nixing Darwin is most likely due to the reverence paid him by the Ivy League. These are bad times in which to be an establishment expert.

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I imagine more then the usual big debates but rather great tremendous discussion/debate before hugh audiences. Could this be worked up? Could such a event take place? I am so confident that the average person who know is ignorant of these matters would be greatly impressed by the claims of creationism and unimpressed by the claims of evolutionists etc who they do know write any material that reaches large audiences in school or other mediums. This is the age of mediums and so great events can be witnessed. We all saw suddenly 9/11. We could see the great origin struggle be played out by the best of champions in well done and well publicized contests. If they think they are Apollo Creed then make a greart event with a creationist Rocky. Just confident that the people seeing evolutionism at its best will turn against it as far as they give thought to origin issues. Robert Byers
I think the "best way" is what is already going on: distribution via alternative media (like the materials that BA links to and references here). At this time, "big debates" are generally only set up and narrated by those with interests vested in the current materialist viewpoint. Note what happens when conservative presidential candidates debate on any network - even fox; the narrative is hijacked or sabotaged by other interests. William J Murray
The best remedy to knock down that strangely high Darwin number is simply to have a great debate (Lincoln /Douglass) that truly reached hundreds of millions of adult North Americans. Let america see what species of evidence old evolution has been based on and the intelligence and common sense of people will reject it more or have greater doubt that bugs to buffalos isn't likely from randomness acting on happanchance. Could not Creationists and evolutionists agree we need bigger, attentive, audiences and beyond sound bites or sound brunch?! Robert Byers
Although they don't have the 1999 numbers available,,, The bias in the 2011 poll seems to display a sampling bias that could account for the difference;
Democrats (n = 380) ± 5% Republicans (n = 326) ± 5.5% Independents (n = 170) ± 7.5%
Total - Dem - Rep - Ind Party - Tea Party 21% - 28% - 13% - 23% - 11%
whereas in 2010 it is found that,,
Democrats/lean Democrat make up 45% of the U.S. population and Republicans/lean Republican make up 44% of the U.S population http://sas-origin.onstreammedia.com/origin/gallupinc/GallupSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/of7gdomuoeolloqqlwoyug.gif
Thus from what I can tell there is a fairly clear sampling bias in the poll. bornagain77
Thanks, Granville and Joseph. It's unfortunate that, unless some upset occurs, there won't be a Democratic field of prez hopefuls this time out. We'd have liked to cover their views too. But they won't exist in time. So pardon us if we lean heavily on the GOP. The news is there right now. News
Wow, what a stacked poll. "The Biblical account of creation, or the theory of evolution as outlined by Darwin and other scientists." What about some additional alternatives (other than "both")? You can get most any result you want by asking the question the right way. How about asking people, do you believe the laws of physics alone are sufficient to account for human brains and human consciousness, or do you believe the development of humans required some design somewhere along the way? Granville Sewell
Not one of those alleged 21% can produce A) a testable hypothesis nor B) positive evidence for their position. The GOP candidates need to challenge the liberal reporters who badger them with this irrelevant nonsense. Just tell them to ante up with a testable hypothesis and positive evidence or please stop asking asnine questions. Joseph

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