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Tales from the Quote Mine: A Hindu’s assessment of Darwinism

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No biologist has been responsible for more – and for more drastic – modifications of the average person’s worldview than Charles Darwin” (“These words were spoken by Harvard professor Ernst Mayr (1904–2005), veteran evolutionary biologist, when on September 23, 1999, he received the Crafoord Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. Dr, Mayr made the point that although most groundbreaking scientists, such as Albert Einstein, had a marked influence within their own fields of science, they made little impact on the way the average person apprehends the world, whereas Darwin changed the very fabric of our worldview.

And so this book. …

Which shows why Darwinism didn’t and shouldn’t have changed the Hindu worldview.

Unless Hindus want to buy into the Evolutionary Agony Aunt, and Darwinian brand marketing, and the Big Bazooms theory of evolution. Why not let it be a late Western neurosis?

by Leif A Jensen, Rethinking Darwin: A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust: Germany, 2010), p. 1

Hey, just readin’ is all. And repeat after me,  “Only fundamentalist Christians have doubts, only fundamentalist Christians have doubts, only … rinse, repeat … ”

Quote mine: One of the many concepts pioneered by Darwinists: It means quoting a Darwinist saying something that should wake up non-brain-dead humans, thus giving the game away.

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    Robert Byers says:

    A neat point for creationism is indeed always the attempt to say evolutionism should/did change people’s worldview of everything. Religion, society, economics, etc etc.
    I always have read them saying this yET evolutionists will say it was just about biology.
    WELL. If such a great change is seen and welcomed by the introduction of evolution then it follows to suggest that the reason is was so quickly accepted, desired, and still embraced passionately is not because of the quality, quantity, and capability of its evidences.
    YET rather its other agendas has been its reason for not being sent to the wastepile of intellectual history.
    Early and modern secret or not so secret motives have been, i suggest, a bulk of the persuasiveness of evolution to the educated classes.
    it was never the merits of the biological case but its usefulness for to change the world. they hoped.

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