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Wind turbine promotions

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While, wind is a part of energy diversity, ask, what is not being said here? (As in, fluctuations and non load following.)


PS, part of this is to equip us to detect balanced or balancing information from what leaves out significant issues or buries the lead. That is significant as it is then easy to trot out the buried reference to X, when someone asks questions. Meanwhile, the rest of the story — X — is subtly marginalised relative to the pushed point P.

Jerry, sobering issues, though I think many genuinely see us as needing to move away from fossil fuels. The issue is, gasoline and even more so diesel fuel, are the most concentrated energy sources after nuclear materials. Energy, of course is the basis for ordered, forced motion, i.e. physical work. Direct that forced ordered motion to providing goods and services and we see economic work. Absent a material change of technology, energy consumption level connects fairly directly to economic activity. So, a crash in energy translates to an economic crash. If energy sources and technologies are to change without chaos, we need some sensible answers on energy. The gaps we are seeing, are of concern. KF kairosfocus
AS, I think, promotional but not a direct ad. That is in part why my stated concerns. KF kairosfocus
If anyone wants to understand the intricacies of energy, read the Manhattan Contrarian https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/ Some of his recent comments
Mostly I write about energy policy; but another important topic for this blog is housing policy, particular as practiced here in my home town of New York. For reasons that might not be immediately obvious, these topics of energy and housing policy are closely related. Both involve ignorant politicians promising to supplant the imperfect freedom-based economic system and achieve utopia by using their coercive powers to order that it shall be so. Yet somehow, utopia continues to elude us, and the government mandates only make things worse. And no lessons are ever learned.
Supposedly, we are rapidly on our way toward a zero-carbon, all electric energy future. But has anybody done the arithmetic to see if this adds up? I’m carving myself out a niche as the guy who does a few simple calculations to check if the grand schemes of our central planners make any sense. So far I’ve taken that approach to the question of energy storage to back up a wind/solar electricity grid, and on that one the schemes of the central planners most definitely do not add up. But the energy storage question, although involving no math beyond basic arithmetic, does have some complexities. How about something somewhat simpler, like: If we convert our entire automobile fleet to all-electric cars, where is the electricity going to come from?
All this has nothing to do with climate and mankind’s future. It’s all about control using fear to get the control. jerry
This is a GE sponsored ad, throwing around a lot of numbers and pictures and talking fast speculations intended to impress. Like any marketing campaign. Not sure it has any scientific value at all. Andrew asauber
Wind turbine promotions kairosfocus

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