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The Darwin in the schools lobby has a wonderful plan for our lives

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Finally, creationism has a solid hold in African American churches. There’s important outreach to be done on that front, and it’ll have to be accompanied by an acknowledgment of racism in science, both historically and in its current practice. While science is not itself racist, and neither is evolution, both have been tainted by and abused for the benefit of racism, and the African American community has cause for its ambivalence. Those of us who love evolution, love science, and want to share that love with our brothers and sisters of all races and religions need to find better ways to bridge these gaps.

Well, just admitting it would be a welcome change. They could also stop promoting Darwinism, but first things first.

Similarly, there’s a clear need (or was in 2007) to make clearer the connection between social welfare policy and environmental policy. More.

Unfortunately, there is a close link between “environmental policy” and permanent structural unemployment.

If it is true that African Americans are suspicious of such policies, the fact that most of them need to work for a living, just as I  (O’Leary for News) do, could conceivably be an issue. 😉

Not one we expect the Darwin in the schools lobby to take seriously any time soon.

Generally, the cocktail circuit does not care about high unemployment among non-celebs.

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A few errors here. First there was never racisn in science against Africans now or in the past. Prove it with more then a accusation! Second the words african american should not be allowed. only african CITIZENS of the uSA. If not just american then they can't hijack the word american alongside African. There is a patent on the word american already. anyways. Yes evolutionism in the past said " black aFricans" were innately intellectually inferior. Possibly morally. Yet its ONLY evolutionism that did this. Not science otherwise. They still do it by the way/ these iq tests and so on and so forth. UD had many threads on WAde and friends on these matters. Its great creationism is getting attention amonst "Africans' in north america. Yet i'm suspicious they instinctually oppose any thing in the "white' establishment. It would be great if they got more involved in science careers and so in furthering creationism in some areas. Robert Byers
As to African Americans, Darwinism, Eugenics and Genocide, this following documentary is absolutely sobering. MAAFA 21 [A documentary on eugenics and genocide] - video starts at 5:45 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eWxCRReTV4 bornagain77

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