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Weikart vs Darwin on the value of human life


Richard Weikart’s radio debate with philosopher Peter Singer (infanticide supporter) and evolutionary psychologist Susan Blackmore

He writes,

“This debate came about because of my recent book, The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life. Blackmore raises the issue of Darwinism to defend her position.” Here.

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“The evolutionary psychologist knows why you vote — and shop, and tip at restaurants”

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Darwinists don't promote a culture of death. Small numbers , taking cues from evolution, have done this or that now and then. Abortion is the denial of a fetus being a child. nOt agreeing it is and then killing him. The history books don't show anything but trivial incidents in nhistory. There would be more passionate darwinists defending any culture of life against those for death. who is doing the stats. There are and will be more evolutionists who become pro-life. Robert Byers
Darwinists promote a culture of death (and decadence) whenever they get close to the levers of power. Just read the history books. Darwinism is a very dangerous secular philosophy forced onto the world under the guise of science. Thanks to this blog and many others, it is finally being exposed for what it is: a fraudulent secular religion in the maddening throes of death. Good riddance. Truth Will Set You Free

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