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Nearly 50% Americans now think humans not special

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According to a Discovery Institute-sponsored poll:

According to the survey, 43 percent of Americans now agree that “Evolution shows that no living thing is more important than any other,” and 45 percent of Americans believe that “Evolution shows that human beings are not fundamentally different from other animals.”

The highest levels of support for the idea that evolution shows that humans aren’t fundamentally different from other animals are found among self-identified atheists (69 percent), agnostics (60 percent), and 18 to 29 year-olds (51 percent).

The theory of evolution is also reshaping how people think about morality. A majority of Americans (55 percent) now contend that “Evolution shows that moral beliefs evolve over time based on their survival value in various times and places.”

While some will dispute the results on account of DI sponsorship, the results should not surprise anyone. What is sobering is that reduced belief in human uniqueness generally coexists with reduced interest in civil liberties, as is currently evident among millennials and especially on campuses. For that, see Greg Lukianoff’s Unlearning Liberty, and other efforts to restrict free speech (Also: See also: US millennials most likely to vote to curb free speech). Civil liberties activism has generally included a sense that human being are uniquely worthy of respect, regardless of status.

The poll was done in connection with Richard Weikart’s now book The Death of Humanity

See also: Richard Weikart’s new book, Death of Humanity

“Evolution shows that human beings are not fundamentally different from other animals.” I thought Evolution was the explanation of how animals became different from each other. Same theory teaches all animals are the same? Andrew asauber
Perhaps we should delegate the problem of global warming to the chimpanzees. hnorman5
In other recent polling, cats worldwide agree there’s nothing special about humans.
Fools! Humans are special. We're the only species that are repeatedly enslaved by cats. Bob O'H
"Nearly 50% Americans now think humans not special." If I remember correctly, this is significantly higher than several years ago. I guess Americans capacity for critical thinking is increasing. Indiana Effigy
Dogs weigh in. People are special. Mung
"Evolution shows that moral beliefs evolve over time based on their survival value in various times and places." That's right, so that means no moral absolutes are possible against slavery or human sacrifice, or anything else. Slavery surely can help a culture survive, yep, so why not, even human sacrifice and general plunder can help the survival. groovamos
Does that mean 50% Americans now think humans are special ? Me_Think
I read this DI. Yet it follows they would think that if they agree with evolution. Its not a denial of human rights or uniqueness I think. I know this is a seeming conclusion but I think they just want to have support for animals. its not a weird thing. I don't like the concept CIVIL LIBERITIES or RIGHTS. We have rights or we do not. The civil thing is a term that was used to gain rIGHTS denied I think. I question we have civil rights or liberities. In fact its agreeing with these civil things that allowed the left to deny our actual rights. Nobody ever fought for a civil right but they did for a right . The bad guys saw a loophole to overcome mans natural rights and rights from contracts made by man in nations. Civil rights etc are inventions of someone without appeal to the people. So no contract with the people and they break contracxt with the people. That free speech is denied in spirit and fact in a free nation built on the proud cry of free speech is proof something went wrong with the foundations. One must start over with the original contract. Mr Locke is needed again. Robert Byers
It's competing fact against opinion to the destruction of any and all opinion, in stead of just accepting both fact and opinion as valid in their own right each. It literally means not caring how anybody feels. People really are that crazy, as also shown by the commonplace denial of free will. The grasp on reality of the masses is much more limited than the education levels suggest. mohammadnursyamsu
In other recent polling, cats worldwide agree there's nothing special about humans. Mung

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