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Out of the mouths of infants

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A sample for you of one of the products of unguided, undesigned, blind forces, working together for the survival of genes, with no objective meaning or purpose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhcZ6b2FSsk

Can we get a meme going here? If you’ve got a blog/Facebook/Twitter etc., then post your example!

She's great and delightful although mostlu I can't stand kid singers. Singing is from the heart and kids hearts have nothing to say about miost subjects. All children could sing likewise but simply apply themselves to such a obscure thing. Glad she's Evangelical christian too. very said about her mother . god replaces one loss with another gain usually on the planet. Good luck kid . Robert Byers
God can use the most beautiful and humble to destroy the arguments of atheists. I can hear the new atheists stammering now. ;-) Blue_Savannah
Awwww. Love how she folds her arms when hitting the big note near the end as if she can do this all day long, thank you very much. Phinehas

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