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Kirk Durston: In defence of experimental science


As opposed to inferential science and science fiction. Durston focuses on experimental science and faith:

I have three things to say about experimental science:

Every technological benefit science has given us, without exception, has come from this category of science

I am not aware (and I’ve thought long about this) of a single conflict between faith in God and experimental science.

Even experimental science, trustworthy as it is, has a warning to give us about “believing” in science. Kirk Durston, “Faith and Science: Part I — Experimental science and implications for faith in science and God” at Quest

See also: Backing up the particle physicist who said there is baked-in bias in science.

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Just saw “dumbo” It’s a cute and sweet movie All except for the Gratuitous “believe in science” plugs that weren’t there in the original. It got obnoxious when the little girl kept attributing everything to the scientific method when it was simply them playing with dumbo that made the discoveries. The message was science can do anything including replace an arm with a cybernetic robot arm in 1919. I really don’t remember that in the original, but the “believe in science” thing is getting under my skin. Science is not being oppressed, secondly there is a push to get everyone to blindly trust in it and the people doing it can tell you what ever they want. I’m plenty aware of smart mouth anti religious hits saying “well religion does the same blah blah blah look I’m smart” I haven’t seen any big ticket movies of any kind for a while that make “Jesus is cool have faith in him” plugs in years But under the current Circumstances where many scientist/philosophers are trying to convince everyone that A. No one exists you are all illusions B. You aren’t important C. Life is meaningless D. You are meaningless E. You and this planet ARE NOT SPECIAL F. Humans aren’t special G. Save the environment because you are the same as everything else meaningless H. What you do is out of your control because you don’t exist so free will doesn’t either I. Save the environment again though it and you aren’t special J. Believe us we have scientific evidence and we imply that it is truthful honest and unbiased K. Science transcends the people doing it Skepticism is healthy in small doses, and I believe a few doses are needed for this as well AaronS1978
"for we have not believed cunningly devised fables ... " ScuzzaMan

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