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Darwin in the schools: Canadians are always at their worst when playing “me too!”

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According to the US Darwin lobby, the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Adds its Voice for Evolution:

The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with a
statement from the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, which works to promote the study of ecology and evolution in Canada and to raise public awareness of the importance of ecology and evolution to Canadian society.

Yes, a lobby. But not a very effective one. Not their fault, really. In Canada, public opinion splits on origins do not typically follow party lines, as they do in the US. Politicians really can’t gain from fronting the controversy and they rarely do. So, to politicize the issue, they and allied lobbies and sympathetic media were reduced to hounding the science minister about his personal views in 2009.

Describing evolution as “the single most important principle of modern biology and the foundation of any sound biology curriculum,” the statement insists …

Hmmm. Not the cell theory of life or the germ theory of disease? Not the country’s key ecologies?

Teaching alternative theories as though they had equivalent scientific status is a perversion of education that damages children’s ability to understand the natural world.

And where is that actually happening in publicly funded schools in Canada? Rest here.

Fantasy: The CSEE folk clash over origins with the imam at one of Toronto’s sharia-friendly publicly funded schools, prompting memos along these lines. Except, no, they’d have enough survival smarts not to expose themselves to serious risks. They can always seek out some powerless Christian fundies.

No,Ilion! It means that because the issues were never politicised, Joe Shipping Yard can be both a good union member and a young earth creationist. Do you think the union boss is going to spend time causing trouble for a loyal member over something that does not concern the union? Or that his church is going to question his compulsory union membership? Neither power circle wants the unproductive social dissension. ;) News
What?! Are Canadian crypto-Republicans (of the RINO variety)? Ilion

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