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Rob Sheldon on the new evidence against the Standard Model in cosmology: “The party’s over.”


Experimental physicist Rob Sheldon responds to our recent note on theoretical physicst Sabine Hossenfelder’s recent remarks on the current findings against the Standard Model:

He writes, “Translating into the Greek, the standard model is called ΛCDM. Sabine just said the Lambda has vanished. Earlier in the year she has said the CDM (cold dark matter) has failed to materialize despite 20 years of increasingly sophisticated searches, so she is in favor of MOND (modified newtonian dynamics). The net result is that the standard model has lost its two main distinguishing features. Which is about time, since dark matter and dark energy (aka Λ) have become science fantasy with no shortage of storytellers. It’s time to tell everybody the party’s over.”

You may also wish to read: Sabine Hossenfelder: New evidence against the Standard Model of Cosmology. Hossenfelder: “… the evidence is mounting that the cosmological principle is a bad assumption to develop a model for the entire universe and it probably has to go. It increasingly looks like we live in a region in the universe that happens to have a significantly lower density than the average in the visible universe.

ID can trace its roots back to the ancient Greeks. But that is moot as it is now renewed thanks to the evidence and science. ET
ID can trace its roots at least as far back as William Paley's Natural Theology of 1802. It's not exactly a new idea. Seversky
That is going to leave a mark. :) ET
ET Heh! He walked right into that. Latemarch
LoL! @ seversky. ID is that new insight. That new approach. How exciting is it now? :razz: ET
So the cosmological principle may have to be abandoned? Good. This is what makes science exciting and challenging, the need to find a new approach, a new insight. There are opportunities for breakthroughs and Nobel Prizes here. I'm sure Hossenfelder and Sheldon would agree. Seversky

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