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“Debunking Darwin”


My alumni/ae magazine, The University of Chicago Magazine, has a brief piece on me in its June 2005 issue (p. 58). It’s always interesting to see how one is perceived:

Debunking Darwin. William Dembski, PhD’88, a leading voice in the “intelligent design” movement–the argument that the natural world could not have evolved without an intelligent agent–begins a new job in June. The author of a number of books, including The Design Inference (Cambridge University Press, 1998), Dembski joins Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, as director of the seminary’s new Center for Theology and Science. With degrees in psychology, statistics, divinity, and philosophy as well as his Chicago doctorate in mathematics, he uses statistical methods to argue that Darwin was wrong–a claim that embroiled him in controversy during his previous post at Baylor University. Removed from his duties at Baylor in 2000, Dembski nevertheless served out his contract, devoting himself to writing, research, and speaking engagements. “In a sense, Baylor did me a favor,” he told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “I had a five-year sabbatical.”

1988 - I was still in high school then! Sooner than later they'll be comparing you to John Glenn, to the moon and back again. Holding the Olympic flag with a movie producer, an African Bishop and former champions in Utah. While the NA natives chant for aboriginal respect. "Could not have evolved without an intelligent agent" - WD Evolve, apparently we do, if we are intelligent. But how intelligent are we? Please let me know when you reach a breaking point - enough of those statistical methods, let's get creative and imaginative in our attack on evolutionary naturalism. A new controversy awaits, outside of what's thus far been imagined. g arago
Bill, I am proud of you! Benjii
As a recent graduate of Southern (May, 2005), I'm sorry I missed you! I'm glad you're there though! I'm reading your book: "Uncommon Dissent". Good stuff! Keep up the good work. pastorsteveweaver

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