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    zapatero says:

    Although the liver is a fascinating organ, I believe that should read “LIVEJOURNAL”, not “LIVERJOURNAL”.

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    Larry Fafarman says:

    I think that this Network is spreading itself too thin by having four separate blogs. Why not just one blog?

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    es58 says:

    Anyone know where there’s an “evolution’s bottomless bag of tricks” link, where they collect all in one place how evolution seems to have a solution to every problem that could ever arise:

    eg: no fossils? – punctuated equilibria says you’d never find them

    flagella most efficient engine ever discovered; – why were all those gradations of improvement needed? “you never know what the forces were in the historical past – and we never have to explain what they were, but we know they must have existed”

    how did mutual behavior of DNA/ribosome arise? – that’s “origin of life”, not evolution (next question)


    oh, I see, it must be talkorigins?

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    idadvisors says:


    Like the requisite cell(self-duplicating too) which must exist before natural selection can occur. (information to make the cell wall/membrane?)

    Eric Peterson

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    es58 says:

    And if all else fails, there’s always convergence

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