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Flatulence removed from “The Judge Jones School of Law”

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The Rembrandt of flash animation and I are working to enhance “The Judge Jones School of Law.” As a first step we have made the animation less offensive to more refined sensibilities. All the overt flatulence has therefore been removed. Go to www.overwhelmingevidence.com for the less objectional version of this animation (we are keeping the original, however, so that when the history of evolution’s demise is written, all versions of this animation will be available to historians).

Judge Jones and the ACLU

shaner74, "If He was posting on a site for high school students maybe." Try a little lower, like junior high or elementary school. At least, that is my recollection - I certainly hope high school students have grown beyond flatulence jokes and sundry. Douglas
“But would Jesus have used farting noises in mocking the Pharisees?” If He was posting on a site for high school students maybe. shaner74
Does D&D mean "Dungeons and Dragons" or "Dembski and Dawkins"? :) apollo230
Dr. Dembski, Perhaps. But would Jesus have used farting noises in mocking the Pharisees? Would it have been necessary? It might have been funny (on a certain level), but would it have won over others, or indicated a mature humor and mentality? Douglas
Calm yourselves everybody. An enhanced flatulent version is being worked on at this very moment. I will make it available. I do want to say this for the record, however. Many people regard the flatulent version as unsophisticated and even infantile. I want to suggest that in this postmodern age the flatulence in this animation actually serves as a sophisticated rhetorical device that mirrors the subtext of flatulence that runs throughout Judge Jones's decision. William Dembski
There once was a judge in ol' Dover, who said of ID moreover, It's out of compliance, with the dogma of science, I decree the matter is over. DaveScot
I like the previous version better - is there any chance you could put it up somewhere where I could watch it again? EJ Klone
LOLOLOL!!! Scott
Aiieee! I’m offended. :-) tribune7
15. tribune7 Aiieee! I'm offended. My short notice: JJ's now sitting in clover. Ripped the "august" in his ruling in Dover. but... A prioris to smash, poor Dembski found in a flash, some things just won't go over. kvwells
Hey Scott, “I resist the Devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away.” – Martin Luther tribune7
Wonder if Dawkins will mention it? tribune7
Who was certain he was related to Rover, So he saw his chance Dropped his pants And when the ACLU arrived, bent over. tribune7
There once was a judge in ol' Dover... Scott
Anyone up for a limerick contest? kvwells
I'm just getting a kick out of how frequently the word "fart" is being used around here lately. Scott
10. DaveScot ribald humor is especially effective when it carries analogic weight. The animation was just fine. What but human flatulence can so effectively convey these dictums "full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." kvwells
Where's the justice for those of us without refined sensibilities who can appreciate ribald humor? DaveScot
I just viewed the new version. MUCH better. I think I've got a tear in my eye. Douglas
Dr. Dembski, "As a first step we have made the animation less offensive to more refined sensibilities." Thank you. And thank you for recognizing my refined nature. (Seriously, though - removing the sounds will serve you well now and in the future. Your action removes the appearance of adolescent spite the sounds conveyed.) Douglas
It's probably a good idea (to remove the farts). I don't think that those who appreciate bodily function humor are likely to have any grudges against the ACLU. The previous version seemed pretty out of touch. HodorH
Thank God! Barrett1
Some constructive criticism: 1. To comprehend it from the start you have to be familiar with the shenanigans related to Dover already. As such I doubt a student who runs into this for the first time will find the satire of Jones all that convincing. 2. The absurdity of the given quotes are not all self-evident. Some students may be inclined to agree with some of the quotes if they're not familiar with the case. It would have been better if after a quote was recited chipmunk style that a written message pops up explaining the context of the quote and then a quick (if possible) refutation. 3. I enjoy oddball humor but I honestly didn't find it that funny. Patrick
shaner74, "He is ID’s best friend." On this I agree with you wholeheartedly. That little pole he's got going (http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/freethinking/)is going to be cool evidence at the next courtcase. Dawkins is my hero because he is doing such a magnificent job of showing the religiosity of the current materialistic mindset. When NDE crashes, and the fractures are huge and growing, religions everywhere will reap the benefits. bFast
My personal opinion is this is a bad move. You never win by appeasing the “other side” It was hilarious as it was, and that was the point yes? Think about all the venom that spews from the mouths of prominent Darwinists on a daily basis – this animation is nothing in comparison. Just read some of the posts on Dawkins site – not very nice things being said about you Dr. Dembski. Also, it’s a good thing when something makes Dawkins upset. He is ID’s best friend. Anything that keeps Dawkins talkin’ is great for ID. Just my $.02. shaner74
I like this version better. Its easier to hear what's being said. bFast
I suppose this is a good move. That said, there's nothing wrong with us having a little fun. Hey, the Darwinists have their flying spaghetti monster, don't they? crandaddy

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