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IDEA Revolution: Caroline Crocker, April 27 in Vienna, Va


A star of Expelled, biologist Caroline Crocker, will be making an appearance at:

McLean Bible Church
8925 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, Virginia
12:30 PM
Sunday, April 27, 2008

I hope to meet some of you at Dr. Crocker’s talk!

Caroline Crocker is the Executive Director of the IDEA Center, an organization devoted to supporting pro-ID students and faculty at universities, high schools, and various other locations.

In 1999, there was only one IDEA club. By 2006, there were 30 IDEA clubs throughout the world and a central headquarters in San Diego known as the IDEA Center.

With the appointment of Caroline Crocker as Executive Director in 2008 and her appearance in the movie Expelled, the IDEA Center is now poised to recognize as many as 1000 IDEA clubs!!!

At a talk 2 weeks before the debut of Expelled, Dr. Crocker mentioned she receives 2 to 3 requests from prospective IDEA clubs each week. On top of that, the producers are putting Dr. Crocker in touch with over 900 others potentially interested in starting IDEA clubs. Those were the numbers 2 weeks before the debut of Expelled, and I can only imagine what the numbers will be now that the movie is out!

The next generation of pro-ID students are being persecuted and bullied by the powers that be. Despite this, several of our members are matriculating through the establishment, getting diplomas, getting jobs, becoming medical doctors, getting graduate degrees, getting post docs, getting research positions, publishing in peer-reviewed articles….

Pro ID students need to be made aware of the resources that can teach them ID. They also need to meet individuals that can counsel and mentor them through school. IDEA clubs are excellent focal points where these sorts of activities can happen.

The IDEA Center is also in need of financial support in order to facilitate the goals of screening and planting prospective new clubs throughout the world. I would ask readers of UD to consider making a contribution to this effort. This effort will help thwart the work of the NCSE and help students stand up to Larry Moran’s of the world.

Visit Make a Donation to the IDEA Center.

Bill Dembski summarized the spirit of many who are part of IDEA:

We can be free spirits. This sits especially well with young people, who thrive on rebelling against the status quo and don’t like it when an authoritarian elite tells them what they must think and believe. And these young people are the scientists of tomorrow.

Dealing With the Backlash

Those are words for a revolution.

Join the IDEA Revolution!

PS I'd like to thank all who have been a part of IDEA in various capacities: UD authors Bill Dembski (advisory board), Casey Luskin (president emeritus), and Mario Lopez (board of directors). I would also like to thank critics (like Allen MacNeill and Will Provine of Cornell) who have nonetheless indirectly offered their support to the process of open inquiry so vital to the furtherance of IDEA's mission. I'd like to thank the prestigious scientific Journal Nature for putting the IDEA Center on the April 28, 2005 cover story, and National Public Radio for putting our story on national radio in November of 2005, the Coral Ridge Hour for putting our story on national TV in 2006, and the producers of Expelled for putting Dr. Crocker's story in theaters in 2008.... I'd especially like to thank the officers and founders of the various IDEA clubs around the world whose courage and determination have made IDEA what it is today. scordova

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