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Last chance to apply for scholarship for ID-focused C.S. Lewis Seminar


Colleague Tom Woodward, ID historian (Doubts about Darwin, Darwin Strikes Back), reports that

… the July 21-25 course he’s co-teaching with theologian Eric Bargerhuff in Tampa still has about $6,000 of donated scholarship funds available for potential applicants, but the time window for applications for scholarships will close this next Monday (7/14). Full college credit option is still available, and upper level high school students can apply.

This C.S. Lewis Honors Seminar, “Knowing God in a Skeptical Age,” covers both theology proper (divine attributes), and also the claims of New Atheism about science rendering God-belief thoroughly implausible. Steve Meyer and Jonathan Wells will brief the class via Skype, as will philosopher Doug Groothuis. Get full info and apply here.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Okay, so don’t apply, even if you want to attend. = Increase someone else’s chances. That guy’ll doubtless be grateful but where will you be? – O’Leary for News
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