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Latest edition of “Darwin’s Faith” hits the virtual stands


A friend writes to say, regarding the latest edition of Evolution Outreach (“Darwin’s Faith” as opposed to Darwin’s Doubt),

Pay close attention to these articles and see how desperate evolutionists are with the fact, Fact, FACT of evolution being distorted… Enjoy!!

Well, there it is, and you can decide. The titles do read like the efforts of a cult to sandbag a rising tide of doubt among teachers.

Part of the problem, of course, is that most of today’s “evolutionists” are really just Darwinists, crusading for the Word of the Beard to be made the law of the land everywhere.

So it is not possible to have a rational discussion of the actual history of life with them. They must defend every jot and title of their religion.

Which is too bad because, if we can just send the Darwinists out to get coffee (for three hours), it is a fascinating history. Mind you, it is far more like Darwin’s Doubt than Evolution Outreach.

This is interesting, from the link. It's an article on teaching evolution readiness to 4th graders: At first blush, in fact, it seems incredible to suppose that the complex and seemingly purposefully designed natural world could possibly have evolved by natural causes. Not only is the concept counterintuitive, the evidence for it is mostly indirect and cannot be appreciated without prior knowledge of seemingly unrelated sciences, from biochemistry and genetics to geology and paleontology. So evolution is counterintuitive. Leave your common sense at home, kids! Reasoning along the same lines, we also eliminated any mention of processes that take place at a cellular or molecular level. Because there's no evidence for it, obviously. They also describe a virtual greenhouse where the kids would plant seeds, which would grow into plants. Noteworthy is the fact that the plants, while showing some mild variation (as is the norm), always stayed plants. They didn't evolve into anything else. They also created a virtual ecosystem to study animal life. Ironically enough, Richard Dawkins wrote in The God Delusion substitutions for some of the ten commandments, one of which was "do not indoctrinate your children." Except for teaching evolution, of course; that's a moral imperative. Barb

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