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Nancy Pearcey at Beyond Expelled


At the Beyond Expelled worldview conference, Nancy Pearcey explored the impact of evolution vs ID. She describes skeptic Michael Shermer’s conversion to evolution & Scarlett Johansson’s acting on belief in evolution.
The intelligent design of life

Nancy Pearcey tells crowd that Darwinism has evolved into more than just a theory (with VIDEO)
Rachel Kyler, Thursday May 8th, 2008

NICEVILLE — Not religion pitted against science, but philosophy against philosophy.

In a truly liberal education system, that’s how academic Nancy Pearcey says educators would approach intelligent design and the theory of evolution.

Nearly 800 people attended Pearcey’s lecture Thursday at Okaloosa-Walton College on the foundation of Darwinism and its far-reaching implications in American culture.
Percey video clip
A former agnostic and author of “Total Truth,” Pearcey studied at L’Abri in Switzerland under American Christian theologian Francis Schaeffer.

She is currently the Scholar for Worldview Studies at the Center for University Studies at Philadelphia Biblical University and senior fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, the center of the intelligent design movement.

Pearcey said intelligent design is often narrowly defined as viewing creation as something so complex that it can’t be explained.

However, it is an innate recognition that neither law nor chance played a role in the creation, she added.

For example, a person does not look at Mount Rushmore and believe that was a product of wind and rain erosion, she said.

The same detection of design can be applied to the origin of life, she said.

In today’s society, science is no longer treated as the avenue for the best explanation. But evolution has moved beyond the confines of scientific study into in art, music and literature, Pearcey said.

Morality and religion have also been debunked and, in many cases, things such as altruism or kindness are viewed as an evolutionary means to an end, she added.

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Shermer: "One of the new areas that I and others are exploring is how we can get morality out of a Darwinian worldview. And in fact, people are pro-social, they’re reciprocally altruistic, they’re cooperative, they’re nice. Most of the time, most people are good; but we also have a nature in which we’re xenophobic, tribalistic, and fairly nasty against people whom we consider to be members of an out-group." Geez, were to start. Is it possible Shermer counts Mao in the first part of this paragraph, but counts himself out of the second part? Upright BiPed
belief in evolution. This is a much more significant theme than people think. A careful analysis of Stirling's Darwinianism and Poulton's Charles Darwin reveals that Darwin's main interest was extracting confessions of faith in Darwinism from important people. He even lost it at Huxley once, when Huxley said that his faith in natural selection had not grown over the years. Vladimir Krondan

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