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Where to get help defending yourself against campus censorship

When planning for education or helping others plan, it is worth knowing whether one’s education includes exploring ideas other than those of the administration of the institution.

Gutting the core of the humanities

The rap against Shakespeare and his fellows is that they are dead, white males, and that students and faculty wish to listen to the works of people more like themselves. In the context, unfortunately, that means they wish to listen to the works of people who are enjoying their Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame. Ultimately, they wish to listen to themselves. But no one else does.

Campus free speech: Pushback against censorship is slowly succeeding

But the real challenge is now from directives from the Justice and Education departments that violate the First Amendment.

Current events: Intensified persecution of Christians largely ignored in media

“Say ‘religious persecution’ to most makers of cultured secular opinion, and they will think of the Crusades, the Inquisition, Bruno and Galileo, the Wars of Religion and the Salem witch trials. Today, however, we do not live on the pages of a Dan Brown potboiler, in which Christians are dispatching mad assassins to settle historical scores. Instead, they’re the ones fleeing assassins others have dispatched.”


Most of these media will go under before they begin to address the realities of the world outside their offices.

Can people who are university age today afford to grow old?

Not with all the people ahead of them, unless there is entitlement reform.

Planning is very important for education. If many people think that it is ok to simply come to college and study. No, they are wrong; they need to plan their personal education system. This way it would be easier for students to succeed, not to miss deadlines on their academic assignments such as students' research papers in Economics, for example. So yeas, planning is vital here. Thank you for the short post CandiceC

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