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Pro football players not at greater risk of suicide, as often claimed

How does misinformation become widespread in media? Articles can sometimes keep referencing other articles that, in this case for example, refer back eventually to an unsourced claim. (A study was finally done and it demonstrated the opposite.)

What the Duck Dynasty story can tell us about the future of mainstream media

The essential problem is that A&E was marketing to people who don’t watch the show when it suspended Robertson. It was marketing to those who do watch the show when it reinstated him.

Similarly, it was marketing to people who had prejudices about what the Robertsons would be like when it pretended to beep their “profanity.” It was marketing to people who want to know what they are really like when it just recorded their natural profanity-free dialogue without manipulation.

At Merriam-Webster, “science” is the 2013 word of the year. Find out what words are trending now:

1. Trend Watch: Words that many people are currently looking up are ones we should definitely know. For example, “vortex”. Lookups spiked on January 6, 2014, due to vortex of cold air described in weather reports. Similarly, “inclement” (stormy) spiked January 2, when the winter storm Hercules was described that way.

Puncturing myths about punctuation

Myths such as that it is hard to learn and mostly useless.

Shortening medical school proposed, to reduce graduation debt

In medicine, some fear that enormous debt will drive students into better paying specialties, where the current need is for more primary care (family) doctors.

In short, the examples you have provided, and when taken in aggregate seem to point to an issue of control. Particularly, thought control. Here, I'm not speaking specifically about E.S.P. or "psychic" capabilities, rather I'm speaking about conditioning the thinking of others (a.k.a. programming). In a sense, it is directly related to the use of propaganda items and psychological warfare. These examples, if indicative of the larger whole (arguments to be made in either direction), would appear designed to influence the thought of the readers so as to persuade them to behave in a certain fashion. The reports don't merely provide the reader with "facts" (for arguments sake) and allows the readership to "make up their own mind". The reports attempt to guide the reader down a particular path of thought. There are words used for such attempts: Programming, Conditioning, and Persuading. More "sinister" words would be "brain washing".ciphertext
January 24, 2014
11:03 AM

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