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Should you write for free to establish your career? Guidelines for deciding.

Ever wondered what editors do? Wikipedia shows us, by not doing it. People are beginning to notice, too. People you didn’t expect are beginning to care.

Tuition increases slowing at public colleges? With some qualifications, however.

Can lack of social skills lead to big companies’ failure? Yes, if at the top.

Can math ability, or otherwise, be detected in babyhood? Yes, but shhh, DON’T tell Mr. And Mrs. Helicopter


There are so many questions are being raised in such a small post. And unfortunately, there are no positive answers to them. No matter what angle you are looking on education from, there are problems which require to be fixed. I like that you’ve noticed a problem with editing and yet still everyone thinks that we have no problems with good writing at all, but isn’t that the reason why students and other people apply to different writing services to get a qualified writing help in a first place? Still, everybody keep on talking about math, reading and science as if these are the three most important subjects ever. CandiceC

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