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Prof says bureaucracy is university’s biggest problem. In other news, birds fly. But he puts it better than most. Bureaucracy is a way of substituting abstraction for action, consensus for good reason, and method for result. No wonder it is so popular.

Yes, history IS about rote memorization of dates and dry facts! If your education taught you to avoid all that stuff in favor of a focus on events that feel personally meaningful to you at this time, it did you a serious disservice. Undo it as soon as you can. You just won’t get to make up the world as you go along.

Guess which state is tops for student debt? Bookmark this article for its handy charts, Student Debt by State (Nevada has the smallest percentage of students who graduate with debt); Student Debt vs. Tuition by State …

Would philosophers be better if they were more like kindergarten teachers? Or vice versa? This is as far as you can get from the edubabble machine.

Can you finance your education waiting on tables? Not at Applebee’s soon. 45% jobs vulnerable to automation. But there’s hope.


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