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New at The Best Schools II

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Law school slashes tuition, but read the fine print: The worst market for law jobs in twenty years?

When your fingers do the walking on your keyboard, does your brain come along?
Not as much of your brain as you might think

Early career advice: How to blow the whistle, when you really must Your worst nightmare: You land that dream STEM job and you come to realize that something is going on at the lab that could land you all in jail. Or a research scandal that will follow you.

Is too much niceness a bad thing? Niceness makes things flow more smoothly but it should not be mistaken for a virtue or an achievement

Could Mr. And Mrs. Helicopter be overdoing it just a wee bit? With the iPotty? No, really. See it yourself.

Looks like STEM jobs have been very popular lately, but it is not like I can actually understand why. I understand that everyone wants to become certified engineers but we also should remember about other professions. Like, we always lack qualified writers (find professional writers to compose academic level essays), certified teachers and many others. All I am trying to say is that the government should create conditions where students would want to study different subjects as the compensation and the growth possibility is present everywhere, but it is a long path for us to take. CandiceC

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