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Just for fun: Totally wrong test answers that actually make sense… if you take the test writer’s actual words as a guide.

Zapping the myth that highly successful artists get by on talent
Let alone on “talent.” Actually, as a recent book shows, many work very very hard to fan that flash of inspiration into an enduring flame.

Conversation starter for the holidays: Poor kid at rich school
How do they cope?
“Then I realized, my date’s other car really is a Ferrari. So I figured maybe it wasn’t the best place to boast about winning my dispute with the public transit authority.”

Stuck for book gifts for Christmas? Running out of time?
What you need is a list of best-books-of-the-year lists.
Even if you choose to give a certificate to a bookstore (often a wise idea), printed-out lists of books of possible interest might be fun packaging for it.

Careers: Popular science writing – It’s as challenging as writing a novel and playing Scrabble at the same time. The story must be interesting and believable but all the story elements must also be skillfully arranged facts.



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