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Grade Nine students’ science experiment plants seeds of future careers
Five Danish high school girls wondered whether it was fact or folklore that mobile phone radiation can be harmful. They decided to test the proposition with seeds. The results were dramatic.

The world before e-mail was most of recorded history
A recent book offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of letters over the ages.

The art of making people like you
Some claim to have popularity down to a science. That’s nonsense, if taken seriously. But there are definitely proven techniques.

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe says, think blue collar.
If you are a student. Three million jobs that can’t be filled.

Is brain-based learning the latest edu-hype?
Yes, of course. That doesn’t mean there is nothing in it, but certainly means that on many menus, there will turn out to be far less burger than bun.

Never mind low tech for tots. How about NO tech for tots?
Remember Mr. And Mrs. Helicopter, who got their child an iPotty? Writer and broadcaster Tasha Kheiriddin offers an opposite perspective. She scoffs, “What’s next? iWomb?”



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