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New at The Best Schools II

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Are you a techie? Hope to work for Google? Google employees get down n’ honest about what they don’t like about working there.

Continuous Partial Attention as the new ADHD? Divorce your Ipod maybe, not your spouse?

Segregating students at lunch hour if they have poor grades? One school tried it.

Emotional intelligence is neither bad nor good—it’s how you use it. Sometimes it’s just manipulation, study suggests

The medicalization of the bad boy? Does he need a diagnosis or more exercise?

Five thousand janitors in the United States have PhD’s? Few can afford to go to university these days just for the college lifestyle.

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    CandiceC says:

    I don’t think that Google is the corporation which would look at students’ grades. I mean they do need smart guys, but as for them it is not about grades. I think it is a great attitude. Besides, the kid of training that Google has teaches you everything required. It has to be the same everywhere. But our employers want to work with a ready material as if all graduates can be experienced workers. This is a dilemma we usually meet when we try to find a job. And things like writing essays for you classes( at least you could always get an essay online) are become very well forgotten for good.

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