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Do-it-yourself bafflegab: a tutorial in writing badly…  at university and on into your professional life

Writing well: Spice up your writing with figures of speech. Maybe figures of speech come naturally to some people. Most professional writers say they are not among those people, so go figure. Usually, you learn how to use them by example, practice—and honesty about whether your idea had the desired effect.

If so many students dream of being doctors, why is there a shortage? Financial issues may not be the only reason for the doctor shortage in small towns.

Would you like to work in advertising? Let us introduce you to (some of your) clients. They hired YOU because THEY don’t know how to explain stuff. They aren’t kidding.

How much light does lab research on university students shed on human nature? The reason is that priming experiments seldom tell us how important priming is in realistic situations. We know that it has striking effects under highly simplified and controlled laboratory conditions, where the subjects are exposed only to the stimuli that the experimenters provide. But …

School axes honor roll to prevent students feeling left out. (Who in heck decided that jocks really WANT to be nerds anyway? On what planet is this?)

You know, I used to think that writing is not that complicated and there are no special skills are required to actually write a decent essay for example. But I was wrong. This is something that is difficult to do, especially when you have a deadline and you are completely unfamiliar with the topic. So the only solution for me was to use this helpful service. I have found it so much easier to trust professionals with writing my essays all the time from now on! CandiceC

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