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Can we be too emotionally intelligent? Some surprising answers. A persistent problem is the overuse of self-report in studies. People should not be asked to rate their own emotional abilities. A woman whose insensitivity makes the office furniture cringe may see herself as “down-to-earth.”

New York City’s charter schools brace for chill winds. Advocates of charter schools are watching carefully as Bill de Blasio takes over from Michael Bloomberg as mayor of New York, Bloomberg was friendly to charter schools, but de Blasio is not.

Retired British psychiatrist is not impressed with the controversial DSM-V. In general, Theodore Dalrymple sees psychiatry today as getting in the way of self-knowledge instead of aiding it.

Can brain teasers boost your intelligence? Surprisingly, they possibly can. But you knew this was coming, didn’t you: The ones that work aren’t fun. As the Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman explains, They can’t be fun and still do what you need.

New grammar checker can also warn you about plagiarism. Grammarly claims to correct up to ten times more mistakes than common word processors, and you can try a free sample text. I did.

A lot my fellow students used to use this grammar checker. It is an incredibly convenient tool. Even though I used a lot of search for custom essay samples, I would still check them. You actually never know what you can get. I mean, you try to look for a professional source for some of your references or to use an abstract, but then you realize that it is full of errors. So, it is much easier to not let this happen Visitor51

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