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New film, Evolution vs. God, documents students’ reliance on faith in Darwin

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Evolution VS. God The film will be free at YouTube after August 7.

Creation.com tells us,

In the broader culture, it is assumed that evolution is a fact, and creation is a religious belief. But when Ray Comfort takes to the streets with his iconic camera and microphone, he shows that for both typical students and college professors, their stance on origins and the age of the world is actually a matter of faith.

Eventually, most were forced to admit, “We would have to have some amount of faith,” “I don’t really believe there’s any proof for that yet.” One shocking admission: “ I have faith in the experts, I guess similar to how religious experts have faith that God actually exists. In the experts knowing what they’re talking about.”

Comfort easily shows how students and professors alike overestimate the ‘undeniable’ evidence for evolution and the lack thereof for intelligent design. Both professors and students are also caught out with some factual errors about vestigial organs and claiming certain famous personalities as atheists who were actually not.

It’s easy to see the attraction. It’s a lazy faith, requiring nothing of adherents and promising to forgive whatever they don’t like about themselves as merely a product of evolution.

Students will be encouraged to dump on clear thinking about the history of life because any questions raised about implausible narratives could incite the suspicion that they are “creationists.” Prediction: Many will end up competing to accept and enforce implausible narratives more wholeheartedly than others.

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    julianbre says:

    I’ve seen this movie already. It’s actually really good. Ray spends about 10 minutes on evolution. 10 minutes on atheism and the remainder witnessing to people. The film is only 30 minutes long. I wish he had spent at least an hour on evolution but it might be more effective at this shorter length.

    Intelligent design does come up in the movie and Dr. Gail Kennedy’s answer will have you wondering what planet she lives on. PZ does not disappoint in making dumb statements. He can’t blame that on editing.

    The movie will be free on youtube August 7 so check it out.

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