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Jim Tour’s Wild West challenge: Go ahead. Make a cell


Dr Tour talks to @Christian Medical & Dental Associations® (CMDA) about the amazing discoveries happening in the lab and his critique of the current origin of life research.

Ram @11 speaking about odds, let me add to yours the following, ( also from James Tour, November 2021): "Six repeat units of a reducing hexasaccharide (like D-glucose) can form more than one trillion different hexasccharides through branching (constitutional) and glycosidic (stereochemical) diversity" at 20:59 mark https://youtu.be/roeP70FZYpU?t=1259 PS: the problem is, that laypersons like Seversky, Chuck, JVL have no idea what are the odds... that is why they would buy anything ... basically, these guys believe in miracles ... don't get me wrong, i don't blame Seversky, Chuck, JVL ... they are only misled victims ... More disturbing is, that well educated Darwinian scientists are not concerned ...they know very well what are the odds ... Do Darwinian scientists believe in miracles ? it seems so .... martin_r
Seversky: But none of that shows abiogenesis is impossible either. We just don’t know yet one way or the other. ... as if there is relative equality of the "possibilities." We have a good idea what the promoters of non-intelligent abiogenesis are up against. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1_KEVaCyaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU7Lww-sBPg --Ram ram
Szostak was foolish to offer such a prediction as a hostage to fortune.
i told you, you Darwinists are and will be always wrong ... because you deny the obvious ... you deny the reality ... you made up a very absurd theory and you do not want to admit it ... You Darwinists are like a 5 years old child ... you are trying to re-create a sophisticated engineering masterpiece/high advance technology pouring and mixing together some chemicals :))))))))))))))) it is like in some mental hospital .... martin_r
a rational person has to ask ... why after 170 years of Darwinism, no one came close to re-create the simplest parts of a cell, let alone a working cell ... let alone something so sophisticated like a grass seed or a house-fly ... we sending probes to Mars, but to create a simplest cell seems like a SCI-FI ... is a hot vent smarter than the smartest scientists experimenting in their fancy labs ? So, Darwinists, Seversky, JVL, Chuck, ... what do you think, why is that ? :)))) martin_r
Neil Thomas quotes Dawkins, “Does it sound to you as though it would need a miracle to make randomly jostling atoms join together into a self-replicating molecule? Well at times it does to me too.”
Darwin’s Many Doubts - Neil Thomas - November 8, 2021 Excerpt: Even arch-materialist Richard Dawkins could write that life is “almost unimaginably complicated in directions that convey a powerful illusion of deliberate design” and in the sixth chapter of his Blind Watchmaker I came across this rather disarming comment: “Does it sound to you as though it would need a miracle to make randomly jostling atoms join together into a self-replicating molecule? Well at times it does to me too.”6 https://evolutionnews.org/2021/11/darwins-many-doubts/
. Seversky, Chuck Both of you obviously believe that dynamics created descriptions. Do you also believe there was once a sequence of nucleotides on Earth that could not only replicate themselves by pure dynamics, but also, that same sequence could replicate itself from memory as well, like extant cells? Assuming you believe in the necessary continuum of function, how do you avoid it? Upright BiPed
. Seversky, Chuck, When the first ever aaRS constraint was synthesized from memory, how many of the other constraints had to be in place? Upright BiPed
Wrong again, Seversky. “No one claims to make life in the lab today.” ??? Depends on an elastic definition of “today” to mean November 2021. In the 1860’s Professor Ernst Haeckel, the most influential force in world zoology for over one hundred years, seeing that Darwin had not addressed the origin of life, applied himself for years, eventually failing utterly, to create life in the lab. Skipping efforts to create life in the years between then to now:- in 2009, Scripps research institute announced they were very nearly there; in 2011, Fazole Rama wrote a book of some 235 pages with the very title of ‘Creating Life in the Lab’ reviewing current activities and, as mentioned, Jack Szostak in 2014. Then at the same time there was Craig Venter’s brilliant success in transfecting two organisms - hailed as creating life in the lab (but not by him). And recently Harvard announced that they believe they have the outline of a pathway from chemicals to life, “if it works, we will soon have the equivalent of a living thing in the lab at the chemical level” is the quotation in the media release. I suppose what you wrote is the current meme in the Atheists Club, but it’s premature at best. Belfast
No one claims to know how to make life in a laboratory today. No one claims yet to know how life arose from inanimate precursors. Szostak was foolish to offer such a prediction as a hostage to fortune. But none of that shows abiogenesis is impossible either. We just don't know yet one way or the other. Seversky
Yippee ki-yay, little dogie's.... chuckdarwin
Make a cell ... 2014: Nobel laureate Jack Szostak, the famous origin-of-life researcher, "the Leader of Origin of Life Studies in the Universe" "Life in the lab in 3-5 years, more likely in 3 years" He said that in 2014 ... Where is he now? It is almost 2022 and basically, he is where he was in 2014 ... that means, nowhere close ... Here is the interview: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1406/S00007/jack-szostak-life-in-lab-in-3-5-years.htm martin_r
Make a cell Darwinists wish :)))))) Making a simplest cell from scratch is a SCI-FI, so i don’t understand why Darwinists mislead laypersons, that blind unguided process did it ... Then, JVL, Seversky, and Co may think, that OOL researchers are somehow close to explain the origin of life .... martin_r

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