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[Offtopic:] Mammon as a ” Spiritual Provider”


I saw this parody ad (from Adbusters) years ago when I was a postdoc at Notre Dame and nearly busted a gut. Turns out it’s difficult to track this down on the web. I’ve therefore posted it here for my future reference and your amusement.


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What's In Your Wallet? Or, more specifically, who's your spiritual provider? (Truly funny; via TitusOneNine.) The View from the Foothills
That ad is priceless! But it seems like a lot of politicians these days are switiching over to Mammon and not admitting it. As in "using a belief system to serve their needs." beervolcano
Makes me think of the Mammon Tabernacle Choir, the resurrection of Lazard Freres, and the parable of the Profitable Son. keiths
Hilarious! That seems to remind me of an old TV commercial for a financial services company. Like a parody of Morgan Stanley maybe? DaveScot
THAT is pretty dang funny. Made me laugh. Mr Christopher

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