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Religious affiliation grows with education levels?

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Religious affiliation grows with education levels?

In “Protestant Ethic’ 2.0: the New Ways Religion Is Driving Economic Outperformance” (New Geography, April 5, 2012), Joel Slotkin writes,

Some might be surprised to learn that religious affiliation grows with education levels. A new University of Nebraska study finds that with each additional year of education, the odds of attending religious services increased by 15%. The educated, the study found, may not be eschewing religion, as social science has long maintained, even if their spiritual views tend to be less narrow, and less overtly tied to politics, than among the less schooled.

Some other interesting links, stats; some you expected, some you didn’t.

And this is yer last religious jaw fer the week. (Easter Sunday starts a new week.)

Axel, RE: #2, that's enough ignorant bigotry to make a lynch-mobbing hillbilly blush. Are you really that inconsiderate, or are you having a bad day? material.infantacy
In right-wing countries today, such as the US and UK, the monied folk don't want to fund the education of the children of the poorer folk, to compete with their own children, or for them to become politically 'savvy'. Axel
"The difference, they speculate, may be in Protestant traditions of self-help, frugality and emphasis on education." It all made sense about the Protestant ethic in Nordic countries, bar the above reference to 'self-help'. On the contrary, it is the One Nation level of egalitarianism that distinguishes them. When a tourist extolled the marvels of the architecture and the masterpeices of painting and sculpture of the Rome, a Catholic bishop apparently concurred, but added that losing Northern Europe seemed too high a price to pay. Catholics also value education very highly, but without the 'one nation' ethos, a modicum of social justice, for too long, the Catholic countries catered primarily for the children of the rich. Axel

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