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Reporter caught telling lies in attempt to infiltrate Cornell IDEA club

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Reporter Celeste Biever of New Scientist was caught apparently telling lies in an attempt to infiltrate the Cornell IDEA club according to club president Hannah Maxson. In the IDEA club’s letter of protest to Biever’s employer, Maxson wrote:

it appears that your reporter acted unethically and lied to us about her identity and falsely claimed she was a Cornell student in an unnecessary ruse to obtain information from us

This one was too juicy to pass up, and too funny! 🙂 See: The Evolution-Design Cold Wars for all the details.

Also, here is John West’s account: Celeste Biever, Secret Agent?

And, here Casey Luskin exposes Biever’s sloppy and biased work: Celeste Biever’s History of Factual Errors and Bias in Stories about ID

UPDATE: I must admit, had Celeste infiltrated the IDEA club at GMU she would have been able to identify one of our top secret agents pictured here below:

Maxwell Smart

(HT Krauze at TelicThoughts and John West and Casey Luskin at Evolutionnews)

Well, let's see who we can nominate for Darwin Awards: 1. Eric Pianka 2. Paul Mirecki 3. Jim Sparks 4. Lenny Flank and PZ Myers and now 5. Celeste Biever scordova
Bill Provine needs to be lectured by Eugenie Scott in order to stop damaging evolut...err.. I mean, science. Mats
Ummm...but they haven't yet honored the improvement of the human genome by removing themselves from it. ;) http://www.darwinawards.com/ Patrick
I hope they confiscated her secret decoder ring. mike1962
Well, this certainly opens the floodgates, doesn't it? Anyone ever seen "First Blood"? The relevance of the movie is that it is the Evolutionists who first attempted to "infiltrate" the "other camp", and got caught doing so (which must mean that, even if they know science, they don't know covert operations; thus, we have a distinct advantage over them), and therefore we have every right to go ahead with our secret plan of planting Creationist spies in science strongholds. Thank you, Celeste Biever. Douglas
Where else can one get this much entertainment for free? Celeste surely deserves the Monty Python "Twit of the Year Award." It's all so ironic. Evangelical, fundamentalist Darwinists are the wacko conspiracy kooks, not ID proponents. I was intrigued by Allen Macneill's comment:
I wish one of you folks would attend Will Provine’s evolution course, and participate when you have a chance. Will spent the whole lecture this morning lambasting the “modern evolutionary synthesis” (and I jumped in at the end to deliver the coup de gras to the biological species concept for eveything except vertebrates). I think you might find it enjoyably iconoclastic, and we could get into some interesting (and illuminating) discussions.
For those who are not aware of it, the Phil Johnson/Will Provine debate is a classic in the modern ID/Darwinism controversy. Check it out here: http://webcast.ucsd.edu:8080/ramgen/UCSD_TV/6287DarSciorPhi.rm I must admit that I admire Provine to a certain degree, because he is forthright and honest about the inescapable philosophical implications of Darwinism, unlike the NCSE crowd, who try to pretend that these implications do not exist. GilDodgen
Haven't you heard? According to certain high level Darwinist propagandists, there are "creationist sleeper cells" in place around the country under deep cover within Darwinist strongholds - like at the Smithsonian. ;-) So now the Darwineenies are trying to plant their own top secret spies in pro-ID groups. Look out 007, your job may be on the line! Or perhaps I should say, "Johnny English, watch out! There are, believe it or not, others who covet your bungling goof ball style." One thing is for sure, no intelligent design involved in this case! :-) Borne
This is just too funny for words. What on earth was she hoping to find ? Secret meeting where copies of The Origin of the species was desecrated and eviloutionists prayed for ? jwrennie

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