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The New Yorker — oh, so cleverly! — misunderstands the issues around teaching of origins


The way only urban snobs can. But the article gets one thing right:

From evolution to anti-racism, parents and progressives have clashed for a century over who gets to tell our origin stories…

A century ago, parents who objected to evolution were rejecting the entire Progressive package. Today’s parents’-rights groups, like Moms for Liberty, are objecting to a twenty-first-century Progressive package. They’re balking at compulsory vaccination and masking, and some of them do seem to want to destroy public education. They’re also annoyed at the vein of high-handedness, moral crusading, and snobbery that stretches from old-fashioned Progressivism to the modern kind, laced with the same contempt for the rural poor and the devoutly religious.

Jill Lepore, “Why the school wars still rage” at New Yorker (March 14, 2022)

The story is essentially an attack on parents who want to prevent ideologues and their train of grifters from access to their kids — in a world where most parents are forced by law to send their kids to schools we are all compelled to support by our taxes, where teachers are compelled to teach whatever curriculum is handed down.

Essentially, in many places, it is compulsory to teach common ancestry of humans and apes as a dogma and illegal to teach any evidence against it. The progressive vilifies the people who object on any grounds…

Read the article if it’s free for you; it’ll tell you what the progressive elite think is happening in that outside world into which they occasionally risk poking their noses.

Imagine people thinking that they stand for liberty or openmindedness or…

To give some idea of the culture, have a look at people who support compulsory masking when there is no rational basis for it:

These college students could be teachers’ union members teaching little kids in a few years.

They help provide an argument for ending the public school system as it is now in favor of charter and voucher schools run by people with an emotional and rational (not ideological) interest in children’s welfare. And, let us hope, a basis for an interest in evidence-based science teaching.

Anyone following recent political news will discover that an increasing number of parents in the United States are refusing to forward their children for whatever mass indoctrination rolls in on the tsunami of Woke — and getting away with it. Some are even getting powerful politicians onside.

Some time it might become possible to talk about the origin of the universe, life forms, and humans as if facts mattered more than current progressive nut-outs. – O’Leary for News

Oh, by the way, as the COVID Crazy comes out in the wash:

● Science, as such, has very little to do with the question of who goes nuts over COVID and wants life in general shut down: “The key dividing line appears to be ideology. Americans who identify as “very liberal” are much more worried about Covid than Americans who identify as “somewhat liberal” or “liberal.” Increasingly, the very liberal look like outliers on Covid: The merely liberal are sometimes closer to moderates than to the very liberal.”

The best way to understand the Crazy in Canada is that the ridiculously Woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needed his very own January 6 Capitol Riot moment.

But… 😉 😉 😉 the best that typically non-violent Canadians could manage was to gather en masse on and around the overpasses of the major highways cheering the truckers on to a few Convoy weeks in Ottawa, honking horns by way of insisting on an end to the madness.

Oh, and …

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says its removal tens of thousands of deaths it had attributed to COVID-19 happened because the agency was mistakenly counting deaths not related to COVID-19.

The CDC removed 72,277 deaths, including 416 among children, that were said to have been from COVID-19 from its data tracker webpage this week.

Just like that. Turns out it was just a “mistake.” Which had nothing to do with inflating a panic…

Apart from those among us who genuinely need madness — it is now over. But it will be the fault of the rest of us if we don’t learn something from the events around Trust the Science!

All this shows is that in general the more educated one is, the less one knows about the world.
The best way to understand the Crazy in Canada is that the ridiculously Woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needed his very own January 6 Capitol Riot moment.
The strategy of the left is to provoke and then provoke some more till they get a reaction and then forget about the provocation and say look what they are doing, they’re destroying democracy. jerry

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