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Trinity College of Florida offers online “Darwinism & Intelligent Design” course

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This first-ever online course, August 9 through September 21, is taught by Taught by Research Professor Thomas Woodward:

This course centers on the historical controversy between Darwinism and intelligent design while examining three dimensions (science, philosophy and history) of the contemporary debate between the two theories.

The courses’ unifying goal is to understand:

(1) Why scientific skepticism of Darwinian evolution intensified during the past half-century,

(2) How design theorists have articulated the “inference to design,” and

(3) How Darwinists have responded to these challenges.

News, "Trinity College of Florida" is Christian university, yes? sergio sergiomendes
'Darwinism' is not a 'theory' it is an 'ideology.' By treating it as a '(scientific) theory,' ID folks are playing into a trap. Some call this trap 'methodological naturalism'. Some call it naive philosophy of science vs. tricky rhetoric of scientism. Either way, it'll catch you! Jumping from 'Darwinian evolution' as a generally valid but in some ways flawed scientific theory to 'Darwinism' as an ideology, and back again to use criticisms of 'Darwinism' as a platform to promote positive 'intelligent design' is an expected strategy of the IDM. Nevertheless, it is not 'skepticism of Darwinian evolution,' but 'design for the future' that is most meaningfully pregnant today. Gregory

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