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Uncommon Descent Podcast: Reflection on the Firing of Baylor President John Lilley



Just to note, iTunes users can subscribe to UD with this address: https://uncommondescent.com/feed/ This is done from the "Advanced" menu, and iTunes will sync and download UD podcasts automatically. Apollos
This was very enjoyable, and I hope the first of many UD podcasts. Apollos
Bill, that was most enlightening. For those wondering whether to listen (yes, do!), Bill deals with four key issues: 1. The Francis Beckwith tenure controversy: Beckwith obviously deserved tenure but for no very good reason Lilley permitted the problem to fester far too long. 2. The logo switch from BU to Baylor - granted the new logo would communicate with a wider audience, but it's a bit like people wanting you to change your family name for career success. If it must be done, it needs to be treated like brain surgery, and Lilley appears to have treated it like lawn mowing. 3. Lilley tried to ruthlessly stamp out any evidence that Baylor Christians thought that if God exists there should be evidence for intelligent design in the universe. He was unlucky - unlike many administrators - because a Hollywood movie crew from Expelled arrived to make a film about one of his efforts ... great for fundraising among people who actually do think the universe shows evidence of design. 4. President Lilley denied tenure to an unheard of ten candidates put forward by their departments - and then, under fire, capitulated on seven. So what was going on? Why adopt such a radical strategy if he would not go to the wall for it? Bill seems to think that John Lilley failed to grasp that when Baylorites said they wanted to make it to the top as Christians, they meant that they wanted to make it to the top as Christians, not as pseudo-Christians, selling out their principles parcel by parcel along the way. Anyone who has read Dying of the Light will know that there are plenty of the latter type of institutions out there, often with famous names. O'Leary
Gil is great, (and the music at the end was great) but I am also music composer/producer and a rockin' intro isn't a bad idea. My latest composition can be found here. William Brookfield
Speaking of podcasts, listen to Michael Behe on the Dennis Prager radio show (a rebroadcast just uploaded): http://dennisprager.townhall.com/TalkRadio/Show.aspx?RadioShowID=3&ContentGuid=c0a96249-dca9-4a15-99aa-2c02f0a864cc Dennis gets fuming mad about a caller who claims that modern medicine and biological science in general will be destroyed if Darwinism is rejected or called into question. GilDodgen
The chamber music was wonderful. Let it not be said that ID proponents have no class! GilDodgen
Hi Gil: Did you listen to the music that closed out the podcast? -- some high-class baroque chamber music! But, of course, I would be delighted to use some of your work. William Dembski
Hey Bill, How about some high-class classical piano music for your intro bumper music? I know where you can get some for free. GilDodgen
Bill, the link appears to be broken. (Error 404) It should be fixed now. --Bill Atom

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